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Register your Organization

Find out how to register your organization to use BidContender.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register
  1. Select a country from the drop down options

A default country will be selected. If it doesn't default to the country that you would like to register your organization in, then simply select the correct country from the country drop down options available.

  1. Type in your ABN or NZBN
  2. Click on Lookup ABN or Lookup NZBN accordingly

The Organization name is that which is registered to your ABN or NZBN. This will automatically populate once you have looked up your ABN / NZBN.

Once you look up your ABN or NZBN, one of four outcomes can result:

  1. Your ABN or NZBN is validated, the organization name registered against that ABN/NZBN will automatically populate within the Organization name field and you can proceed to complete the registration in full;
  2. The ABN or NZBN entered already exists on BidContender, meaning it has already been taken and your organization is already registered.  In this instance you will see this message appear – ‘This business number has already been registered with BidContender.’  In this instance, contact your organization admin to add you as a user.  If your organization is NOT registered with BidContender, contact the BidContender Service Desk;
  3. The ABN or NZBN already exists on BidContender, meaning your organization is already registered however, your organization is no longer active on BidContender and the account has been disabled.  You will see this message appear – ‘This business number has already been registered with BidContender and the organization is no longer active on BidContender.’   For further assistance, contact the BidContender Service Desk and we'll help you sort it out;
  4. The ABN or NZBN doesn’t exist and is invalid, you will see this message – ‘We couldn't find an organization with the ABN / NZBN you've provided. Please check your ABN / NZBN and try again.’
  1. Complete the remaining registration page
  2. Click on Register now

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