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Addenda for revised documents

Find out how you can communicate updates such as issuing revised documents that have superseded documents sent in the original tender invitations.
  1. When logged into BidContender, select the project required from either:
    • Your recent tenders list on the Dashboard or
    • From your All current tenders list by clicking on the Show all current tenders link on the Dashboard 
  1. Click on the Drawings and Docs tab 
  2. Select the document that needs to be revised or updated and move to the right of that row
  3. Click on the edit link
  1. Under the Replace file heading, click on the button to browse and choose your file.  Select the revised document from your local or network drive, which is to replace the superseded document previously uploaded
  2. Type in the document number to reflect that of the updated document
  3. Type in the document title if needed
  4. In the Revision text box, type in the revision number such as 1 for the first revision
  5. Click on the Save button
  1. The updated documents will display a red flag against them.  The red flag is a warning that changes to the documentation have occurred but that these changes have not yet been issued to the impacted trades 
  1. Click on the Tender Invitations tab
  2. A matching red flag will be displayed against the tender invitations the revised documents appear in
  3. Click on Issue Addenda 
  1. Type in the subject of the change
  2. Type in any comments about the change
  3. A list of all the Tender Invitations originally sent will appear under the Tender Invitations title. Those with a tick against their listing, are automatically selected to receive the revised documents - given they were the trades that received the original version of the documents
  4. Click on Issue Addenda 

All Invitees that have not declined, will receive an email notification of the Addenda.

  1. Now that the addenda has been issued, click on the Drawings & Docs tab and you can check that the red flags have disappeared 

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