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Control whether or not your tender invitees need to log in to access your tender documents on BidContender

Control the security level you apply to each tender you create. You can mark your tender as requiring all your tender invitees to log in to access the tender details or you can allow your invitees to access the tender via the emailed link, with no log in.
  1. When logged into BidContender, from the Home view click on Create tender 

You can also create a new tender from the Your tenders tab on the main menu by clicking the Create tender button from this view instead

  1. Complete the tender information fields - this is the information about the tender that will be seen by your invitees when they receive the invitation
  1. Below the Require login for invitees heading, select the security level you wish to apply to the tender at hand. If you are happy for all your invitees to access your tender documents and details via the emailed link, requiring no logging in what-so-ever, then select the option that reads – Invitees can access this tender with the emailed link. If you prefer that your invitees log into BidContender to access the tender documents and details, then select the option that reads – Invitees must be logged in to access the tender.

This way, you can control the security level you apply to each individual tender you create. You can go back and change the security level at any stage, if you change your mind.

All existing tenders created from the 1/6/2016 onwards, will have the document access options available if you wish to go back and apply your preferred security level.

When the no log in option is selected on any tender, the emailed link will function for up to 2 weeks post the tender close date.

Note that ONLY invitees that are registered on the BidContender system, can access your tender documents and details.

  1. Click Save tender

You are now ready to upload your documents into the tender, allocate the documents to the trade packages and once your tender trade package invitations have been sent, your invitees will access the tender details and documents based on the document access level you have applied.

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