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Edit or archive uploaded documents not yet sent

Find out how to edit uploaded documents and how to archive documents uploaded incorrectly, that are not yet sent.
  1. When logged into BidContender, select the project required from either:
    • Your recent tenders list on the Dashboard or
    • From your All current tenders list by clicking on the Show all current tenders link on the Dashboard 
  1. Click on the Drawings & Docs tab
  2. Locate the document that needs to be edited and click the edit link to the right of the document listing 
  1. The edit document screen will appear and enable you to make any of the following changes to the document listing:
    • Revise the file by selecting the new file under the Replace file heading
    • Edit the Document number, Title or Revision
    • Move the document into the correct Discipline
    • Apply trades to the document from the Available Packages list
    • Finally, to archive a document and remove it from the project listing – click on the Archive it link at the bottom right corner
  2. When all the changes are complete click on the Save button

Multiple changes can be made at one time.

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