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Restrict who has access to your tenders within your organization's Platinum account

As an organization administrator for your organization's account, you can select users within your organization that will require access to certain individual tenders. Users not granted access to a tender will have no visibility to that tender, at all.
  1. When logged into BidContender, from the Home view click on Create tender 

You can also create a new tender from the Your tenders tab on the main menu by clicking the Create tender button from this view instead.

  1. Complete the tender information fields - this is the information about the tender that will be seen by your invitees when they receive the invitation
  1. Below the Access control heading, select whether you wish to restrict access to this tender amongst your organization’s users.  If you are happy for all your organization’s users to view and access the tender at hand, then leave the feature Off.  This is the default setting that reads – All users in your organization can access this tender.  If you prefer to restrict access to your tender amongst your organization’s users, then select the On option that reads – Only selected users can access this tender
  2. Click Save Tender

This way, you can control which individuals within your organization have access to your tenders and can also control which of those individuals will or will not have access to the quotes relating to that tender.

Only organization administrators can restrict tender access to certain individuals.  All your organization’s nominated administrators will have full access to all tenders, automatically.

The individual within your organization that is the nominated Tender Contact, will be granted access to the full tender (including quotes), automatically.

This feature is available for Platinum account holders only.

  1. You are now on the Tender Details tab of the project. If you opted for the option that only selected users can access this tender, click on the Access control button.

The Access control button will not be enabled if you had selected that all users in your organization can access the tender.

For an existing tender, you can go back any time and restrict tender access if you wish. From the Tender Details tab within the project, simply click on the Edit Tender button and apply access control. In doing this, all existing nominated tender contacts will be granted full access to the tender (including quotes), automatically.

  1. Type the name of the first user that needs access, into the text box below the Add user heading
  2. Click Add
  3. Keep adding as many users that are required to have access to the tender
  4. Check the box under the Tender Admin column, against those users that you wish to grant the ability to also edit this tender access list – they are the nominated tender administrators for the tender at hand and will always have full access to the tender
  5. By default, users that are granted access to the tender have access to the full tender, including quotes. If you prefer that certain users cannot access the quotes area of the tender, then remove the tick against their name under the Quote Access column
  6. At any point in time, if you wish to remove a user’s access to a tender completely, then simply click on the Remove link against their name.

If you were to type the name of one of your organization’s administrators, you will not be able to add them to the access list as all your organization’s administrators will always have full access to all tenders, automatically.

Your nominated Tender Administrators by default have access to the entire tender, including quotes.

You are now ready to upload documents into the Tender. Click on the Manage Tender link at the top of the screen (just below the main menu) to navigate to the Drawings & Docs tab of the tender.

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