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Add your own notes against organizations on BidContender

Find out how to add notes against organizations in your organization's network of contacts as well as against organizations within the entire, national BidContender directory. These notes are visible when inviting contacts to your tender invitations.
  1. When logged into BidContender, click on the Network directory tab on the main menu
Showing your organization's preferred company contacts.

You will default to the Your Network tab within the directory. This tab lists the organizations that you have nominated as having a relationship with. This area is managed by your organization. The contacts here are also listed in the wider BidContender network however, in this area more information is available to you such as details of the organization’s contacts.

Your network of contacts are accessed by anyone within your organization that has a BidContender login, to your own company’s account.

  1. Click on the name of an organization listed - to view their profile information and details
  2. Click on the Add note button
  1. Type your details and notes about the organization in the text box that appears
  2. Click Save note

Some notes you may wish to add against an organization might be that they provide supply only and not labour or, the organization may take on work for jobs that are worth $20M+ only.

  1. Click on the Edit note button to edit or add additional notes, at any point in time
  1. Click on Save note once again

Only users in your organization can add, edit and see the notes.

From the Find Organizations tab, notes can be added to organizations across the entire, national BidContender directory even if they are not part of your network. This is achieved by moving to the Find Organizations tab and following the same steps outlined above.

You can also add notes against organizations that have asked to join your preferred network of contacts – from the Requests to join your Network tab. Simply follow the same process outlined above to do this.

  1. Notes added against an organization are visible and can be edited or added to, when inviting them to your tender invitations

Your notes will help you to make sure you’re inviting the right companies to your tender.

Remember, only users in your organization can add, edit and see the notes.

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