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Find other organizations and ask them to connect to your organization's network

Find out how to increase your organization's network by adding organizations from the greater BidContender directory.
  1. When logged into BidContender, click on the Network directory tab on the main menu 
  1. Click on the Find Organizations tab
  2. Search for organizations across the entire BidContender network and invite them to join your organization's network. Type the company name or trade in the Search for field
  3. Select the state in the Servicing field
  4. Select the region from the within region field
  5. Click Search
  1. From the search results locate the organization of interest, then click on the organization name to reveal the company details and profile information
  2. If the organization selected suits your requirements, click the Send connection request button

Organizations you are already connected with and hence are already in your organization's network, will appear with the word Connected against their name.

  1. A request will be sent to the organization and once they accept, they will be added to your network
  1. The organizations that have accepted your request are then found in your network but will be unlabelled.  Click on the Your Network tab
  2. Click on the View my labels link
  3. Click on the Unlabelled link. The organizations falling within this label name will be listed at the bottom of the screen for you to apply a trade label

A trade label will need to be allocated to the new organization so they fall into your company's regular trade labelling system.

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