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Organise your preferred network of contacts into trade labels

Find out how to manage your preferred contacts by applying trade labels to them so they are grouped according to the trade they are involved in.
  1. When logged into BidContender, click on the Network directory tab on the main menu 
Showing your organization's preferred company contacts.

You will default to the Your Network tab within the directory. This tab lists the organizations that you have nominated as having a relationship with. This area is managed by your organization. The contacts here are also listed in the wider BidContender network however, in this area more information is available to you such as details of the organization’s contacts.

Your network of contacts are accessed by anyone within your organization that has a BidContender login, to your own company’s account.

  1. Click on the View my labels link which details all the labels your organization has used to group companies in the same trade together 
Full list of your organization's trade labels.

Trade labels are created and managed by your organization so they are tailored to suit your organization's tendering process.

  1. To add a label or labels to an organization, search for the organization in the Search your Network field
  1. Click on the company name revealing their organization details
  1. To the right under the Labels heading, type the label name in the text field
  2. Click Add label

An organization can be allocated more than one trade label.

  1. To view all the organizations grouped in the same trade label, click on the View my labels link
  2. Find the trade label name 
  1. Click on the trade label name eg. Concreting and all the organizations grouped in this trade label will be listed 
  1. To remove a trade label against an organization, search for the company using the Search your Network field 
  1. From the search result, click on the company name revealing the organization details
  1. Under the Labels heading, click on the X to the right of the trade label name - the organization will be removed from that trade label 

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