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Remove an organization from your network

Find out how to manage your network contacts and remove those no longer needed.
  1. When logged into BidContender, click on the Network directory tab on the main menu 

You will default to the Your Network tab within the directory. This area is managed by your organization. The contacts here are also listed in the wider BidContender network however, in this area more information is available to you such as details of the organization’s contacts and Dunn & Bradstreet information.

Your network of contacts is accessible by anyone within your organization with a BidContender login.

  1. To remove an organization within your network, type the company name in the Search Network field
  2. Click Search 
  1. Click on the company’s name revealing their organization details - profile information, contact details and Dunn and Bradstreet information
  2. Click Remove from Your Network located to the right of the organization's profile information, above the labels

The organization and associated labels will no longer be in your network of contacts but the organization will still exist on the greater BidContender Network.

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