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Create a print request

Find out how to create a print request so that selected invitees receive hard copies of the documents.
  1. When logged into BidContender, select the project required from either:
    • Your recent tenders list on the Dashboard or
    • From your All current tenders list by clicking on the Show all current tenders link on the Dashboard
  1. Click on the Tender Invitations tab
  2. Locate the trade tender invitation you wish to create a print request for
  3. Click on the Manage Invitation button to the right of the trade tender invitation row
  1. Click on Create Print Request
  1. Select a printer from the drop down options
  2. Type in any specific instructions for the printer
  1. All your invitees for the trade tender invitation selected will be listed. Any you don’t wish to send hard copies to, simply locate the organization name and click on the bin icon to the right
  2. For each of the remaining organizations listed that you wish to send hard copies to, click on the Company address link under the delivery address column.  This will load up the organization’s delivery address that appears in their BidContender account
  3. If you prefer to send the hard copies to an alternative delivery address, simply type the address in the delivery address text box
  1. All documents you had allocated to this trade package will be listed.  Any you wish to remove and not have printed, simply click on the bin icon to the right of that document
  2. Your print request is now complete, click on Send Print Request
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