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View and respond to RFIs

Find out how to view a request for information (RFI) generated by a tender invitee as well as providing a response to that request.
  1. When logged into BidContender, select the project required from either:
    • Your recent tenders list on the Home tab or
    • From your All active tenders list by clicking on the Show all active tenders link on the Home tab
Home page with recent tenders listed.
  1. Click on the Messages tab
  2. To view a specific request for information, click on the selected subject link
Listing of all received requests for information about the tender.

From the Messages tab, you will default to the RFIs sub-tab.

  1. Click on the Show more link to reveal the full RFI details which may also contain supporting files as attachments
  2. Click on the Reply to this message button
Showing RFI message and date and time stamp of receipt.
  1. Review the details and enter your response in the reply text box. If required upload a supporting file or files
  2. Click Send reply   
Full RFI message visible along with the reply text box to provide a response.

The sender of the RFI will now receive the response and if need be communicate further using the same method.

  1. To provide additional responses, click on the Reply to this message button again and follow the same steps as outlined above
  2. The original RFI and all responses are automatically recorded for future reference and are date and time stamped for both the sender and the receiver
All correspondence for a specific RFI is showing including date and time stamps for each response.

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