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Adding additional invitees to a tender invitation that you have already sent

Find out how you can add additional invitees to a current tender invitation that you have already sent.
  1. When logged into BidContender, select the project required from either:
    • Your recent tenders list on the Home tab or
    • From your All active tenders list by clicking on the Show all active tenders link on the Home tab
  1. Click on the Tender invitations tab
  2. Locate the trade tender invitation you wish to send out to additional invitees
  3. Click on the Manage button to the right of the trade tender invitation title
  1. Halfway down the screen click the Add invitees button 
  1. To add invitees firstly, use your trade labels – if you have selected the electrical trade package invitation to be sent out, then under the Add invitees heading, type in the trade label for this package, which may be, electrical 

A screen will appear split into 2 sections. The first section relates to a different trade label from your organization’s network that contains the word electrical.

The second section, will list organizations from the wider BidContender network directory.

Organizations that have already received an invitation will be marked with a green tick and a description which reads, Invitation already sent.

  1. To view all your contacts in a specific trade label, click on the link to the right of that trade label’s name, which for the first trade label in this example reads Show all 5 organizations in WP3.09 – Electrical Fitout
  2. To select individual contacts from the chosen label’s contact list, click on the Add button against the selected organizations. The button will then turn green and will read Added
  3. To select all contacts within a trade label at once, click on the Add all in this label button, for the trade label selected
  4. To remove a contact incorrectly selected, click on the button against that organization which currently reads Added and it will remove that contact from your selection of invitees. The button will then revert back to read Add and is blue again in colour

The link to view all your contacts in a specific trade label, will always stipulate the total quantity of contacts that falls within that specified trade label per your organization's network. The link will also stipulate the trade label name as it appears in your organization's network.

Organization proximities from the job site address are displayed (where available) to help you invite the most relevant invitees.  

Please note that when an organization’s address and/or project site location address has been entered manually, distance from site location is unavailable.

  1. You may even decide who to add as part of your invitee list, by using the summary information provided which reveals your previous contact with each listed organization. The digit to the right of the envelope icon reveals the total number of invitations you have sent the selected organization to date. The percentage value reveals the percentage of those invitations that they have quoted 
  2. You may also want to send your invitation to an alternative contact person from within a selected organization. Click on the primary contact’s name that currently appears and all users within that organization will be listed, along with each person’s state they are located in, phone number, email address and job title (where job title has been provided)
  3. Click on the alternative contact's name to select them instead
  4. From this view you can also click on the paper icon to add, view or edit notes that your organization’s users have detailed about another organization on BidContender
  5. Once your invitee list has been selected, click the Continue button 
  1. The full list of your selected contacts will now appear in a table. From this view, you can still select an alternative contact person from within a selected organization, if you decide to do so at this point in time
  2. Remove the companies not relevant by clicking the Remove link
  1. Alternatively, you can add invitees by:
    • Typing in the Organization Name  – then select the organization by clicking on the blue Add button to confirm the match, or
    • Type in a Contact Name – select the individual by clicking on the blue Add button and finally, 
    • For a contact that is not registered on the system - type in their email address and click on the Add button
  2. Once all the additional invitees have been added, simply click Send

When you invite a contact that is not registered on the system they will be labeled as Unregistered in your invitee list. Once the contact has registered, you will be able to search for them for future invitations.

An email will now be sent to all listed notifying them of a new tender to which they have been invited.

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