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Send messages to your tender invitees such as reminders and resent invitations

Find out how to send your tender invitees general correspondence and messages, such as reminders to quote or re-sending the tender invitation all together.
  1. When logged into BidContender, select the project required from either:
    • Your recent tenders list on the Home tab or
    • From your All active tenders list by clicking on the Show all active tenders link on the Home tab
  1. Click on the Tender invitations tab
  2. To send a message to a specific individual only – find their name under the relevant trade tender package, move to the right of the row and click on the pencil icon to reveal the drop down options
  3. Select Send a message

Tender invitees that have declined cannot be selected.

  1. To send a message to a group of invitation respondents, click on the Send message button
  2. Select the group of individuals to which you are wanting to send a message

The drop down options allow you to send your message to all those that have not yet responded OR to all those that have accepted but not yet quoted OR to all those that have not yet quoted OR to all those that have quoted OR to all your invitees for that specific tender OR the Select invitees option allows you to select your own tailored group of invitees to which you are wanting to send your message.

  1. Click on the link that reads selected recipients
  2. Select additional individuals to which you are also wanting to include in the recipient list, by clicking on the check box against their name
  3. Remove previously selected individuals, by clicking on the check box against their name to remove the existing tick

The selected recipients link initially indicates the total volume of recipients to which you are sending your message – this is based on the group of invitees you had selected in the previous step, for example, it may have been all those that have quoted.  The volume then updates if you decide to remove recipients or add additional recipients accordingly.

Invitees that have declined cannot be selected.

  1. In the Subject field, the tender title will pre-populate.  Enter the subject details of your message after the tender title.
  2. In the Message field add the message details
  3. Click on Send message

An email is now sent to each of the subcontractors and suppliers you selected, containing your message. The email will also include a link to the tender invitation details and instructions on how to accept or decline, if applicable.

The sent email will also appear to come from you.

The recipient can then reply to your email and you will receive that reply in your email inbox.

  1. To view a record of all messages you have sent, click on the Messages tab to bring it forward
  2. Click on the Sent messages tab
  1. To review which recipients have received the selected message, click on the recipients link

This reveals a list of all individual recipients under their respective trade packages.

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