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Respond to connection requests from builders

Find out how to respond to builder connection requests, allowing you to be part of their preferred network of contacts so that you increase the potential of receiving private tender invitations from them.
  1. Log into BidContender – start at 
  1. Click on the Network directory tab 
  2. Click on the Requests to join your Network tab 

This is where you can view the connection requests that builders have sent you, requesting that you join their preferred network of contacts for the potential receipt of private tender invitations.

  1. The request is pending your response. Before making a decision, click on the organization name so their details expand and you are able to view the company profile information 
  2. Once you have read their profile details including the locations they prefer to work and you are keen to carry out work for the builder company in question, click on Accept
  3. If you find that you do not work in the same locations that the builder services, then you may wish to decline the request – click on Ignore
  1. Once you have responded to all requests, they will no longer be pending and will drop off your Requests to join your Network list 

If you accepted the builder's connection request, you will now be part of their preferred contact network and have increased your chance of receiving private tender invitations from them.

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