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Search open tenders and tender documents as a PRO user

Find out how to search through the Open Tenders listing and the tender documents to find projects relating to your line of work or relevant sales leads, by using key search words.
  1. Log into BidContender.
  1. Click on the Open tenders tab 

The open tender invitations posted to this area by builders will default to those for the state/territory you have entered in your organization profile, as being the state/territory you are located in.

The Location column indicates the suburb and state that each tender is located.

  1. To view open tenders for other states/territories, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Location title at the top of that column
  2. Check the box for the alternative state’s or territory’s open tenders you are wanting to view and deselect the state/territory you no longer want to view

This will load up the new state’s or territory’s open tenders listing. You can select more than one state/territory to view more than one state’s or territory’s open tenders at the one time or you can select all states and territories to view the national list of open tenders.

Details provided for each open tender includes tender title, category, dollar value, earliest closing date and site location.

  1. To search the open tenders and their documents, type a keyword in the Search open tenders text box above the Open Tenders table. For example, if you’re involved in electrical work, then type Electrical in the search field 
  2. Click Search

As a supplier, you may want to search the open tenders and their documents using your competition’s product brand as the keyword. Then you can see which projects have stipulated the supply of your competition’s product.

  1. To search using a phrase and not a single word, type the phrase in the Search open tenders text box, for example, ceiling grids
  2. Click Search

The system will search through all the open tenders for you, providing you with the list of those that contain the keyword or phrase you used for the search.

  1. From the search results, you will now be able to view each of the individual trade invitations, in alphabetical order, for each specific open tender containing your keyword or phrase
  2. Select a tender you’re interested in and click on the invitation that relates to your trade
  1. You can now see the list of documents within the open tender that contain your keyword or phrase
  2. To download the documents containing your keyword or phrase, click Download all found
  3. To view all documents attached to the selected open tender and not just those containing your keyword or phrase, click on the Show all 133 documents link found at the top of the document table to the right
  4. If you are interested in this particular open tender, click on I’m interested at the top of the screen. Your details will then be sent to the builder that sent the project to open tenders, so they know you intend to quote

The Show all documents link will always stipulate the total quantity of documents attached to the specific open tender selected.

We search the text content of the documents for the tenders that match your search word or phrase.  This means, if the documents contain text the system will search through the documents for your key word or phrase, as well as through other information such as the filenames.  Some documents such as photos, images and pdfs, may not contain text and as a result, the content cannot be searched.

  1. To access the open tender and reply, click on the Your invitations tab on the main menu where a copy of the open tender will be listed 

The open tender that you have expressed interest in will be marked as Interested.

Using the search tool within Open Tenders is available to accounts that have upgraded to a PRO subscription.

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