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Send a RFI

Find out how to create and send a request for information (RFI) to the builder.
  1. Log into BidContender – start at
  1. Click on the Your invitations tab 

All your tender invitations received are listed here. These can be private tender invitations that have been sent specifically to your organization or those that you have noted as being interested in, from the Open Tenders area. Regardless of the method of receipt, the process for sending a RFI is the same.

  1. Select the tender invitation from the list displayed by clicking on the tender title – this will take you to the tender details providing you with all the project information and access to the attached documentation 
  1. Click on the RFIs tab 
  2. Click on Create RFI
  1. Type the subject of the RFI in the Subject text box
  2. Type your question or query to the builder in the Message text box 
  1. To add an attachment to the RFI, browse your local or network drive and choose the document to be uploaded and sent with your message
  2. Click Send RFI

Once you have submitted the RFI to the builder, your record of the submission is date and time stamped. The builder receives an email notification to advise that they have received a RFI from you.

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