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Fundamentals of creating tenders

In this video, you will learn all you need to know to effectively create your tender and get your tender invitations out to the right people, for the receipt of quotes.

Video overview

All you need to know to effectively create your tender and get your tender invitations out to the right people, for the receipt of quotes.

It’s important that your organization’s tenders are created on the system in such a way that will allow you to get the right information out to the right people. This will in turn produce a good quote rate, making it easier for you to win jobs.  

What’s covered in this training video

Covered in this video is the following:

  • The fundamentals around creating your tenders on BidContender
  • Working more efficiently with documents, from uploading to superseding, allocating documents to your tender trade packages and sending those trade package invitations to your selected invitees
  • Better managing the responses received

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create your project and add the project details and particulars onto the system
  • Upload and revise your project documents
  • Allocate project documents to relevant trade packages
  • Create and distribute trade tender invitations to your selected invitees
  • Send addenda
  • Manage all invitee responses so that at any point in time, you’re aware as to where all your invitees stand in relation to the project at hand

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