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Fundamentals of responding to tender invitations

In this training video, you will learn all you need to know to respond to tender invitations received from Head Contractors.

Video overview

All you need to know to respond to tender invitations received from Head Contractors.

Once you receive a tender invitation from a Head Contractor, it’s important that you respond to that invitation via BidContender, making it clear what your intentions are so that they know whether you accept or decline. Furthermore, by sending your quote to the Head Contractor via BidContender, you are registered as having quoted at their end and they then know where you stand concerning the tender at hand. 


What’s covered in this training video

Covered in this video is the following:

  • The fundamentals around accessing tender invitation details and downloading the tender documents
  • Working more effectively by responding to the tender invitation with an accept or decline, changing your mind and amending an accept to a decline or vice versa, providing a quote and creating RFIs
  • Better manage addenda documents received and providing a revised quote


Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Access the tender invitation details and download the tender documents
  • Respond to the Head Contractor with an accept or decline and edit that response if you change your mind
  • Send a quote or a revised quote and raise RFIs
  • Access and download addenda documents
  • Manage all invitations received so that at any point in time, you can see where you’re up to with the invitation making sure your response reflects your current intentions, for the Head Contractor in question

If you’re a subcontractor and you prefer to attend one of our monthly, live training webinars you can register here.

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