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Can I batch print processes (RFIs, Transmittals, Instructions etc)?

No, processes cannot be batch printed.

Documents and some processes allow batch processing - this allows you to add several items to your basket (usually up to 50) and carry out the same action on all of them at once. This functionality offers a significant time saving over processing the items individually.

Batch Processing Documents

Your document process basket allows several different operations to be carried out in a batch. These include Forward, Comment and Modify Status - the options you see are dependant on your rights and if you have been sent the documents in question. For more information on batch processing documents, click here.

Batch Printing Drawings

Your document process basket will also include the option to Batch Print, but selecting this option will only allow you to batch print certain filetypes. Batch printing utilises the conject VCE, and you can only batch print filteypes which are compatible with this viewer (pdf, dwf and plt).

Batch Processing Processes

You will have separate process baskets for each process type which allows batch publishing (eg RFIs, Transmittals, Instructions etc) so, for example, you can process a batch of RFIs from your RFI process basket, and you can process a batch of Transmittals from your Transmittal process basket.

Available options are limited to Forward, Respond, Modify Status and Respond & Modify Status and are dependant on your rights, if you have been sent the processes in question and the setup of the processes (eg, you will only be able to modify statuses where statuses are in use on the process in question). For more information on batch processing processes, click here.

Processes are not files, and they cannot be batch printed in the same way that drawings can. However, if processes have associated documents, these associated documents can be added to the document process basket from within the published process item - they can then be batch printed (subject to filetype).

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