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I can't see the publish button

If you can logon to the site and access the correct project, but can't see the publish button, the two most likely explanations are;


1. You do not have publishing rights. To check this:

  1. Click Administration -> Project -> Companies, Users, Rights -> User Rights
  2. Select your own company from the dropdown list
  3. Select your own name from the list of Available Users
  4. If you see a red cross next to Publish Documents, you do not have the rights to publish documents and should request this from a Project Information Co-Ordinator
  5. To check your Process publishing rights, select the radio button for Process Rights
  6. Any items you can publish will display a green tick in the Can Create column - to request additional process rights, you should request these from a Project Information Co-Ordinator


Rights: Only Project Information Co-Ordinators (PICs) and Company Information Co-Ordinators (CICs) can edit users rights. (CICs will only be able to access their own company at step 2).


2. The project is set to Completed. Once a project has been finished, it is set to read only, preventing any further publishing (for more information on this, click here). To check this:

  1. Go to the Inbox or Project Summary module on your project homepage
  2. The context menu will state Welcome to [Project Name], current phase: [Phase]
  3. If [Phase] indicates that the project is Completed, no users will be able to publish to it

Note: If you are using the Dashboard (only available from conject Project Control V6.0 - for more information, click here), this information is shown under the heading Status in the Project Details Gadget.