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What is a Company Administrator (CA) and how do I find one?

Each company accessing conject Project Control should be setup with one or more Company Administrators (or CAs). This user has extra rights and responsibilities on top of those of a standard project users.


Company Administrator Rights and Responsibilities are:

  • Resetting passwords for users from their company
  • Creating new accounts for users from their company
  • Maintaining correct company contact information


To find a Company Administrator from your own company:

  1. Click on Administration
  2. Below your own details, you should see a box containing a list of Company Administrators
  3. Double click on the name of a user to access their contact details


To find a Company Administrator from a different company:

  1. Click Administration -> Reports -> User Rights
  2. From the Project Rights dropdown, select Company Admin
  3. Use other search filters to restrict by Company or Project Access if required
  4. Click Search
  5. You will get a list of all Company Administrators matching your criteria

For more information about the User Rights report, click here.


Rights: Company Administrator rights can only be assigned by the conject Helpdesk at the request of a PIC or Site Administrator. If you need CA rights, you should contact your PIC or a Site Administrator.