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How do I add Documents to my Process Basket?

Your Document Process Basket is used to carry out the same action on a batch of documents in a single operation (you may also have Process Process Baskets allowing you to carry out the same operation on a batch of RFIs or Transmittals). These actions include Commenting, Printing and Downloading, and there is a limit on how many documents you can process at once - this is usually set to 50.

First, you must add documents to your basket:

  1. Locate the documents in Find & View
  2. The far left column of the search results allows you to add documents to your basket - tick the required documents and click Add Document to Basketat the bottom of this column
  3. You can continue to add documents to your basket from this and other document search results screens until your basket is full (as above, usually50 documents)

Check the documents in your basket:

  1. From the Process Basket dropdown menu in the project toolbar, select Documents
  2. This will show all items in your process basket - you can use the search filters to ensure specific documents are present

You can also watch a video guide on how to add documents to your process basket (note that this guide includes an audio commentary, as well as on screen text):

Carry out an action on the contents of your basket:

The Action dropdown menu contains all actions available to you - the actions will vary depending on your rights and the configuration of the project. For more information about:

  • Batch commenting, click here
  • Batch Status change, click here
  • Batch downloading, click here
  • Batch forwarding, click here
  • Batch printing, click here
  • Removing items from your basket, click here