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How do I add a new user?

To create a new user account:

  1. Click Administration -> Company -> Company Users
  2. In the top right of the screen click Add User
  3. This will give you a blank user details screen
  4. Complete as required, bearing in mind that First Name, Last Name, Job Title and Email Address are mandatory fields
  5. Click Add
  6. The account will be created and the screen will display the username and password for the new user (as well as some other information)- make a note of this so that you can give it to the new user
  7. The user will need to be given access to a project by a PIC or CIC before they will be able to logon to the Project Control Site (you can find instructions on how to do this here). They will need to reset their password the first time they login.

You can also watch a video guide demonstrating how to create a new user account(note that this guide includes an audio commentary, as well as on screen text):

Rights: Only Company Administrators can create new user accounts, and they can only create them within their own company