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How do I delete a process that I published in error?

As with most things on the conject Project Control, published process items cannot be deleted, but they can be Deactivated.

You can always deactivate or reactivate any process item you have published yourself - PICs can also deactivate and reactivate any process item that they can view.

Users will not be notified of Inactive processes which have been published to them, but they will be able to find and view any Inactive items using the Inactive filter.

To deactivate a published process item:

  1. Locate and open the process item
  2. From the More Details dropdown menu, select Edit Details
  3. Untick Active
  4. Click Modify

You can find an Inactive process item by filtering Inactive processes within the search filters. You can reactivate a process by repeating the above instructions, but replacing step 3 with 'Tick Active'.

You can also watch a video guide demonstrating how to deactivate a process and how to activate it again (note that this guide includes an audio commentary, as well as on screen text):

Rights: Process publishers and PICs can deactivate process items