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How do I download a document?

To download a single document:

  1. Locate the document in Find and View
  2. Click Download (this icon appears in the column to the left of your Reason for Issue)
  3. You should then get a Windows prompt asking if you want to Save or Open this file
  4. If you select Save you will get the option to select a location on your PC or Network to save the file to
  5. If you select Open your PC will download the file to a temporary directory and then open the file in the default application for the filetype

You can also watch a video guide demonstrating how to download a single document (note that this guide includes an audio commentary, as well as on screen text):

Note: Usually, the filename of the downloaded document will be appended with the issue and revision - this appears in the format _issX_revX.

Note: you can also download a batch of documents - for more information, click here.