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How do I publish a process (RFI, Transmittal, Instruction etc)?

Processes are often referred to as Forms because to publish one, you need to complete a pre-defined form designed to record the required information. Processes are highly configurable and are often specifically tailored for your project - because of this, some of the options below may not be available to you for all processes.

If you click on Publish in the project toolbar, the left column will show a list of all document registers you can publish to - the right column will show a list of all processes you can publish. Your project may contain many different processes including Request for Information, Instruction and Transmittal - if you have any questions as to what these processes are used for, you should contact a PIC.

To publish a process:

  1. Click Publish in the project toolbar
  2. Select the process you want to publish
  3. Complete the details of the publishing form (mandatory fields are denoted by a *)
  4. Click Publish
  5. Select the users to issue the process to, either by selecting one or more Issue Groups or by selecting individual users from project Companies
  6. Ensure the Reason for Issue and Response Days are correct for all users
  7. Click Issue to List - you will see a confirmation report showing the details of your process and the users you have published it to

You can also watch a video guide demonstrating how to publish a simple process (note that this guide includes an audio commentary, as well as on screen text):

Possible Variations

  • If the process has been setup to force distribution, you will not be able to select an issue list and will be taken from step 4 straight to the confirmation report - you will be able to see on the confirmation report that the process has been issued to a pre-defined list of users. For more information on forced distribution, click here.
  • If the issue list screen is set to be skipped, you will not be able to select an issue list and will be taken from step 4 straight to the confirmation report - you will be able to see on the confirmation report that the process has only been published to the controller - it is the controller's responsibility to forward the process to other project users as required. For more information on controller functionality, click here.

Field Types

Process forms are composed of fields where you enter or select the data required - these can be text boxes of various sizes, dropdown menus, tick boxes, radio buttons or date fields. The field title should indicate the data to be entered, but if it is not clear what is required, or if you have any questions, you should speak to a PIC.

Additional Options

  • Duplicate an existing [Process]- this option allows you to copy the contents of a published process item to use as a template for a new one. Click on this option to access a list of items you are permitted to copy
  • Save as Draft - allows you to save your process in draft form
  • Your Drafts - use this to access any items you have previously saved as draft
  • Raised on behalf of - this dropdown option allows you to select another user to publish a process on behalf of
  • Controlled By - use this dropdown to select the user who will be acting as the controller for this item. For more information on controller functionality,click here.
  • Private Issue - if this is selected, the published process item will only be visible to users on the issue list (and sometimes PICs in addition). If this is not selected, all users on the project with access to this process type will be able to view your item
  • Attachments - the process attachment option works in the same way as for documents; Click here to view/hide attached files to activate the browse option
  • Associate Documents / Other items - these options allow you to associate published documents and process items to the process you are publishing. Clicking Associate opens a new window allowing you to search for and associate items (For more information on the difference between an attachment and an association, click here).

Rights: In order to publish a process item, you need to have Create rights on the process