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I've created a new project - why can't I activate it? Why is the Active tick box greyed out on the project details screen?

In order to create a new project, you need to have Site Administration rights.

In order to activate (or deactivate) projects, you need to have Project Administration rights.

If you only have Site Administrator rights, you will be able to create projects but will not be able to activate them.


To check these rights:

  1. Click Administration -> Site -> Companies / Users / Rights -> User Rights
  2. Select your company from the Companies dropdown list
  3. Select your name from the list of Available Users
  4. Your rights are visible here - those which are editable are indicated by a tick box (either ticked or unticked, e.g. Ticked Box) and those which are not editable are indicated by Green Tick (for rights you have) or Red Cross (for rights you don't have)


You can request either Site or Project Administration rights from your conject Consultant. The conject Helpdesk can assign these rights, but only with authorisation from your Consultant.