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What is a PIC and how do I find one?

The initials PIC stand for Project Information Co-Ordinator - this user is a member of the project management team who has the ability to assign rights to other project users and has the ability to change certain aspects of how a project is configured.

Among other things, a PIC can:

  • Add companies and users to projects
  • Assign Project and Process rights to all project users
  • Change certain aspects of project configuration

How do I find a PIC on a project I'm working on?

  1. Click on Administration
  2. Under your own details, you will see a Project Information Co-Ordinators box - double click on a name for contact details of that user

How do I find a PIC on a project I don't have access to?

You can use the User Rightsreport to idenfity PICs on projects you do not have access to, but you must be a PIC or CIC on at least one project to access this report. For more information, click here.

Note: You should avoid contacting any PIC from conject. These users do not have the authority to grant project access - they only have PIC rights for testing purposes.