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What rights should Tender Managers have?

Tender Managers are those users who issue Tenders and associated information to Tender Users. They also respond to any Tender Queries as necessary and deal with returned bids.


Project Rights

Tender Managers do not require any specific project rights, but will always have at least the four basic user rights (Review / Comment, Publish Documents, Add/Edit Issue Groups and Maintain Document Register Entries). They will often have additional project rights and sometimes be PICs or CICs.


Process Rights

Tendering uses Processes to manage the flow of information between Tender Managers and Tender Users. It's important that all users involved in Tendering have the correct access rights to these processes. Tender Managers need the following rights on the four commonly used Tender Processes:

  • Tender - Read and Create rights
  • Tender Acknowledgement - Read rights
  • Tender Query - Read rights
  • Tender Addendum - Read and Create rights


Rights: Project and process rights can be assigned by PICs and CICs only. For more information on how this is done, click here.