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When selecting an Issue Group to publish to, why do I see [X] or [C] after the Issue Group name?

When publishing a document or process item, the Issue List screen allows you to select the users to publish the item to. You will be able to select from users from specific companies, or select one or moreIssue Groups- an Issue Group is a pre-defined list of project users.

In the Issue List screen, some Issue Groups will include bracketed letters after the name of the Issue Group - eg Drawing Issue Group [X][C]. The meaning of these letters is as follows:

  • [X] - the Issue Group is visible to all companies on the project
  • [C] - the Issue Group has been created at site level, and so is available to all projects on this site

Note: A site wide Issue Group may include users who do not have access to all projects -when this group is selected, only users with access to the current project will be added to the Issue List of the item being published

For more information about Issue Groups, how to create them and how to enable these settings, clickhere.