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What's the difference between an attachment and an association?

When publishing documents and processes, you will often get the option to associate and attach items to your submission.



This is a file uploaded from your own PC or Network which is attached to the document or process you are publishing. The attached file is only accessible through the item it is attached to. The ability to attach documents when publishing documents and processes varies according to the project setup. A common use of file attachments is that when you are publishing a drawing in dwf format, you may be expected to attach the dwg version of the file (or a zipped version of the dwg file).



This is an item already on the system which you associate with the document or process you are publishing. You can associate various different items, including documents and processes. Associated documents and processes are accessible through the item they are associated to and though the usual search methods. The ability to associate items, and the items which you can associate when publishing different things will also vary according to the project setup.


Version: The information in this article applies to all versions of conject Project Control. For more information about Project Control Versions, click here.