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Can I deactivate the Automatic Revision Detection feature?

Yes, if you prefer that the Automatic Revision Detection feature is deactivated simply de-select the option in the Edit settings area of your Organization profile. Please note that to do this, you need to be an authorised administrator for your organization. Once deactivated, the feature is no longer active for your entire organization and all its users.

What happens when the Automatic Revision Detection feature is on.

When you upload files into a project discipline, the file names are checked against any documents already in that discipline to see if they look as if they are a newer revision. If so, an overlay is shown reading, "It looks like some of these files supersede existing documents". You can then see a list of the matching documents and choose the ones that you want to upload as a revision to an existing document. The Automatic Revision Detection feature then automatically detects the revisions in document filenames and moves them to the revision field in the document table. For example, filename AB152(A) will update the existing document to AB152 and the Revision will be set to A.

What happens when it's deactivated?

Switch this feature off, if you prefer. When this feature is deactivated, only filenames that are exactly the same will be detected as a revision. This means the existing document with the exact same filename as that being uploaded will be auto-superseded. For example, filename AB152(A) will only supersede an existing document with the same filename of AB152(A). With the Automatic Revision Detection feature off, the document name remains AB152(A) leaving the Revision field blank. When uploading a file name that differs, such as AB152(B), the document will be uploaded as an additional document and will not supersede similar, existing filenames.