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Are you experiencing file upload issues?

The most common cause of file upload issues relates to changes made to your IT network configuration, either by your IT department or by an external company that manages your IT infrastructure. 

The quickest way to determine if this is the issue, is to try and upload documents from outside of your company IT network, that is, via a mobile phone tethering connection or from your home network.  If this consistently works, then the issue is with your IT infrastructure, not with BidContender – see Section A.

If document uploads from outside of your company IT network still fail – see Section B.

Section A

If file uploads have worked up until recently, then chances are that something has changed with your personal computer’s set up or your organization’s IT environment.   

  1. Have there been any changes to your personal computer such as the following:
    1. Anti-virus installation/update?
    2. Firewall installation/update?
    3. Are you working on a different network or in a different department?
    4. Does file uploads fail on all computers within your office?
    5. Have you installed any browser extensions since the last time file uploads worked? If so, try and disable them.
  2. Check with your IT department (or with the external company that manages your IT infrastructure) if any of your organization's infrastructure has been changed or updated. Specifically, ask the following questions:
    1. Has your IT department allowed access to  This is where BidContender uploads your files directly from your browser.
    2. Is there a proxy server in use? If so, has its configuration changed?
    3. Is there a firewall in use?  If so, has its configuration changed?
    4. Has any other relevant network infrastructure changed since the last time file uploads worked?

Section B

If document uploads from outside of your company IT network still fail, then please collect and send us the following information:

  1. What does display?
  2. Are you uploading multiple files at a time or a single file only?
  3. Do file uploads fail every time it's attempted or just some of the time?
  4. If you are able to install alternative browsers on your computer, have you tried using them to upload files? What were the results?
  5. What type of diocuments are you trying to upload? Tender documents? Quotes? Other?

BidContender has extensively tested file uploads on the following browsers without issue:

  • IE11
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)
  • Modzilla Firefox (latest version)

For Chrome, Safari and Firefox, we expect any recent version to work. However, if you are experiencing issues then please update them to the latest version.  You can find details regarding the latest browser versions at