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How can I see who's completed learning and who has used activation links for assessments?

I have purchased assessments in bulk and have provided an activation link to the learners.

If you have purchased assessments in bulk, you can request access to the Training Admin Portal (TAP).

The portal allows you to see who has been using the activation code linked to your order, and how much of the learning they have completed. All names listed under an order have access to the assessment(s) linked to that order.

How to I check assessment completion?

Although TAP lets you report on course completion within a learning subscription, you will not be able to see who has completed the assessment linked to that learning subscription.

Learners will have to follow the steps outlined under Share assessment completion to advise that they have completed the assessment.

How to I request access to TAP?

Set up Oracle Single Sign On for the person requiring access to the portal

Send an email to the Accredited mailbox with the following details:

  • The name of the person requiring access
  • The email address of the person requiring access
  • The Sales Order Number or Oracle Store Order number (this number is different to the activation code)

I’ve asked a learner to complete the free content only, without using the activation link. Can I still report on progress?

You may have asked your project team to complete the free learning content as part of their onboarding.

In this case you will not be able to see them on TAP and will have to ask the learner to Share learning progress with you.