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How do I create a new user account in Aconex?

Aconex isn’t like the free online services you may use. New users can’t just sign up and create accounts — for one thing, they wouldn’t be able to see any projects. Also, they wouldn’t be associated with a company in Aconex.

If the new user is you, or someone in your organization...

  1. Your organization needs to register to use Aconex if it hasn’t already.

  2. Then, your Organization Admin needs to create an account for the new user and give them access to projects.

If you’re already using Aconex, find out who your Organization Admin is here.

If the new user is someone from another organization, you can invite them to your project whether or not they’re already using Aconex.

If the new user’s organization isn’t registered to use Aconex, that user will only be able to operate as a guest, with restricted capabilities.