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How do I know when users in the BidContender network directory aren't receiving email notifications?

If we can’t send an email notification to a contact, we will place an exclamation mark in an orange triangle against their name. This means that they’re not receiving email notifications. If you hover your cursor over the orange triangle you’ll be able to see the reason why, which will be for one of the following reasons:

  • The contact has chosen not to receive emails from BidContender. This means the recipient has decided to unsubscribe to our emails. They can easily re-subscribe if they wish,  by contacting our support team in Australia – 1300 604 077 or in NZ – 0800 003 091. Please note however, that all users in the organization still have access to all invitations by logging directly in to BidContender via
  • There is a problem with the email address and we’ve received a ‘bounce’ message from their server. This situation may arise for a number of reasons. A hard bounce generally means that the email address is no longer active and does not exist, or the email address is incorrect due to a typo. Alternatively, a soft bounce may be due to the fact that the recipient’s inbox is full.