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If I go on leave, will my Outlook send my Out of Office Notification in response to Aconex mail?

It depends on how you've set your email notifications. If you have email notifications set to Entire Mail body or Entire Mail body with attachments, your out of office notification will be received as a reply, and registered as email in Aconex. To avoid this, change your email settings to Notification only.

Note that Outlook only sends one reply to each email address it receives. This means that if emails you three times while you’re away, this person will only be notified once that you are out of office. On top of this, because all Aconex email notifications come from the same email address, only the first user to mail the out of office user on Aconex will receive an out of office response. If another user mails the out of office user on Aconex, they won't receive an out of office response.