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Training Admin Portal - FAQs for first time viewers

Why can I only click on some of the names listed in the subscriber table?

This is because some subscribers may have activated their subscription, but have not yet started with the learning. In this case the Time Spent column will show 0m and the name of the subscriber will not be "clickable". This will change as soon as the subscriber starts with the learning.

Why does learning path completion in the consumption table show as 0, even though the user has completed all courses?

The learning path is what groups the courses together on Oracle University. All courses that are part of the learning path will automatically show up in the consumption table, and the learning path itself has got no completion value assigned to it. Please ask customers to go by individual course completion.

Why do the Time Spent column (in the subscriber table) and Course Duration column (in the consumption table) not match?

The Time Spent column indicated how much time a subscriber has spent on the course material, whereas the Course Duration column shows the actual time it takes to complete the individual courses. If a subscriber has completed a learning path, the Time Spent column will show as a minimum the total of the combined time shown in the Course Duration column for that learning path.