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Help for Builders

Help for Builders

Gold and Platinum users: support for you if you are managing and sending tenders.

Account access and setup

Account Access

Log in, change your password or email address.

Set up and manage your account

Adding and managing users and configuring your account.

Managing tenders

Create a tender

Creating and managing tenders, to send invitations to subcontractors.

Trade packages

How to package up your documents for the right trades.

Tender invitations

Set up invitations, manage the tender process and display an open tender.

Print requests

Send invitations with printed drawings to a print shop.


Managing the changes that take place during a tender.

Network labels and directory

Keep your trades organized and send invitations to the right subcontractors.

Quotes and RFIs

Access quotes from subcontractors and respond to requests for info.

Post Tendering

Moving a tender into Pre-construction to conduct another round of pricing..

Export to Aconex

Export documents to Aconex when you start construction.

Online Training for Builders

Learn at your own pace with our video tutorials.