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What information do I need to provide?

Raising an effective Service Request

The following details are essential for your Service Request:

  • your Aconex login name (if you don't have your login name, provide your name and the name of the organization you work for)
  • the name of the Aconex project you’re working on
  • a clear description of your query
  • for errors or issues, a description of what you were doing when the error displayed including (if possible) the actions or steps that lead to the error appearing.
  • your contact details so we can reach you (phone number and email address).

While these details are an excellent start, the more details you give us makes it easier for us to give you a speedy resolution.

Providing additional details

Here are some additional helpful details:

  • Web browser(s) used (e.g. Firefox, Chrome)
  • Is this error reproducible or intermittent?
  • Product or Module specific details – see table below

Product specific details

If you’re experiencing issues in a particular product module of Aconex, provide us with these details:

Product / Aconex ModuleWhat to provide?
DocumentsDocument Number
MailMail Number
Correspondence ID (What's this?)
WorkflowsWorkflow Number
Type of review step (Series or Parallel)
Document Number(s)
Workflow Template Name
Workflow Status Set Name
ViewerError message in text format (but make sure you try clearing your browser cache first)
Tenders/BidsInvitation Number
Invitation Title
Supplier DocumentsSupplier Document Package Number
Document Number(s)
Smart ManualsSend an error report
Project ArchiveProject Archive Version
Java Version
Local CopyLocal Copy Version
Java Version
Server Version
Single Sign-On (SSO)Name, Email address and Login name of the user unable to login

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