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Create a mail signature

Create a signature, edit an existing one, or copy your existing signature from another application to attach when you create project mail.

Creating a new signature and editing an existing are carried out in the same place – in Configure mail signatures in Personal Settings/Mail.

  1. Click on Setup
  2. Under Configuration, select Preferences.
Setup Preferences
  1. On the User tab, scroll down to Personal Settings, Mail, Configure mail signatures.
  2. Click the Edit button.
Setup Preferences Signature
  1. Click the:
    • New - HTML button – to create a formatted signature, selecting font, color and so on.
    • New – Plain Text button – to create a signature with no formatting.
Choose HTML or plain text
  1. Enter a name in the Signature Name field to identify this signature. A meaningful name is useful if you have more than one signature.
  2. Complete the Signature field. You can type directly into the field, or paste a signature from your email.
Mail signature details

Note that you can't include images, such as organizational logos, in a Mail signature.

  1. Click the Save button.

Set this signature as a default

  1. Select the signature in the Signature Name list.
Select signature
  1. Click the Set To Default button.
Set to default

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