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Create an account and log in to Global Login

With a Global Login ID you can access all your projects with just one login.

Create an account

Global Login gives you one place to access all your Aconex accounts and projects, no matter what location (instance) you're in, or what organization you belong to. Once you register, you can add your existing Aconex accounts and see all of your projects in one place, with just one password to remember. 

  1. Click the Use Global Login button on the Aconex login page, or go to
  1. Select the Create account link.

The email address you enter at this step will become your Global Login ID. This can be any email address that you own.

  1. Complete the form and click Create account.
  1. You will receive an email to verify that you have access to that email address
  2. Check your email inbox and click on the Verify button in the email
  3. You’ll see a confirmation that the email address has been verified and your account has been created
  4. Click the Log in button

Log in to Aconex Global Login

  1. Click the Use Global Login button on the Aconex login page, or go to
  2. Enter your Global Login ID and password and click the Log in button.
  3. You’ll see your Dashboard, which will be empty until you’ve linked your Aconex accounts. You can access all active projects from the Dashboard.
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