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Link using your company network’s login (Single Sign On)

Link your Aconex accounts to Global Login to see and access your projects.
  1. On your projects dashboard, click Manage accounts. This takes you to the Aconex account linking page.
manage accounts
  1. Click on the Link using your company’s network login button. This is only required if you want to link an Aconex account that is enabled with Single Sign On authentication.
 link using your company's network login.
  1. On the next screen, choose your project location, then enter your work email address. Press Continue to proceed.
enter company email
  1. You will then be taken to a page asking for you to log in to your company’s network.

How this page looks like varies per company. If you forget what your company network login credentials are, contact your company IT/admin for help.

  1. If this is your first time accessing your Aconex account using your company’s network login, you will be asked to supply your Aconex login name and password again just to confirm your identity. If this is not your first time, proceed to Step 6.
  1. A confirmation message will appear after you have successfully linked your Aconex account. This account’s details will appear as a new card at the bottom of the account linking box.
  1. Repeat steps 3-6 until you’ve added all the Aconex accounts you want to link to your Global Login.
  2. When you’ve finished adding accounts, click either the Projects navigation menu, or the Aconex logo to return to your projects dashboard. It should now show you the projects for each of the Aconex accounts you have linked.
linked projects

If you do not see the project for the Aconex account you have previously linked, we suggest contacting your project admin to check if the project is active and you have access to it. You should also check the project is visible in your account.

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