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Access Aconex via your company's network

Some organizations’ staff can access Aconex through their internal company networks, using their company credentials (SSO).

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What is “accessing Aconex via my company’s network”?

Some organizations have arranged with Aconex to use Single Sign On (SSO) technology, which lets staff access Aconex using the same credentials they use to log into their company intranet or other networks.

What this means is that those companies’ employees don’t need to remember a separate Aconex login: when a person logs into the company network, they will be logged into Aconex automatically.

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Can I use this feature?

Only organizations who have purchased this feature can use it. To find out if your organization’s subscribed, contact your Organization Administrator.

What credentials do I use to log in via my company’s network?

Aconex users in organizations that have had this feature enabled use their company network login details to access Aconex.

These are usually the credentials you use to get access to your work email, intranet, or shared corporate systems.

How do I log in using my company’s network?

If you’re new to Aconex, you’ll receive an activation email that contains a link. Click it and follow the prompts to log in. The full process is explained here.

If you’re already an Aconex user, you'll need to follow a new login process the next time you log into Aconex. See full details of this login process here.

What if my login doesn’t work?

If you’ve been directed to access Aconex via your company network, and your login details don’t work, contact your Organization Administrator.

As part of the setup process, you’ll be asked to enter your existing Aconex username and password. If you can’t remember those details, reset them instantly online.

Once you’re set up, Aconex will no longer request a password from you. Instead, you’ll always be redirected to your company login page to gain access to Aconex.

Do all users in my organization have to use SSO?

No. SSO authentication is granted as part of a role within Oracle Aconex and can be controlled individually for each user.

Can SSO be used with the Lobby?

Yes. The Lobby allows multiple Aconex user accounts across multiple organizations and instances to be accessed with a single username and password. Learn more

Technical FAQs

Can I manage users in my own IAM and have these changes populate to Oracle Aconex using SCIM or similar?
No. Oracle Aconex SSO is a service for authentication only. User administration takes place within the Oracle Aconex application.

Is unsolicited web SSO (IDP initiated SSO) supported?
No. Oracle Aconex supports Service Provider Initiated SSO only.

Can Oracle Aconex SSO be used with Azure Active Directory?
Yes, Oracle Aconex supports SAML 2 integration with Azure AD using our SSO product. Note, only the service-provider initiated implementation of SSO is supported. The claim type should be NameId.

How should the attribute contract be configured?
Oracle Aconex only requires the authenticated user's identity (email address, uid, etc) to be returned in the SAML subject. We do not need any additional claims or assertions.

Can I use multiple identity providers in my organization?
No. One organization’s users can only be mapped to a single IdP

Does this service require ongoing maintenance effort by the customer?
Yes. From time to time changes may be needed to the configuration to maintain the service and update certificates as required.

Can I authenticate for API calls with SSO?
Yes. An integration can use OAuth with SSO to access the Aconex external APIs as a user that is authenticated through SSO.

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