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Connect to Aconex using an Authenticator on Blackberry 7

Connect to your Aconex account using 2-Step Verification.

Even if you already have Google Authenticator installed, you’ll need to enter the Aconex barcode or keycode to connect your device with your Aconex account.

Note that this information is for guidance only. Please see also Blackberry’s own website for more details on using their products.

  1. Open the Authenticator app on your Blackberry 7.
  2. Press the trackpad (square button).
  3. Tap Manual key entry.
  4. Enter Aconex as the account name. If you use more than one instance, add the name of the instance you're logging into now, too (e.g. Aconex (Europe)).
  5. Enter the keycode shown in the Setup Wizard.
  6. Select Time-based as the type of key.
  7. Tap Save.
Adding the Aconex account to the authenticator
  1. The app gives you a 6-digit code.
  2. Enter it into the Setup Wizard.
  3. Click Authenticate.
Enterting the generated code

Once your details are verified, you’ll see the final page of the Setup Wizard. Click Continue to your account to complete the login process.

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