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Connect to Aconex using an authenticator on Windows desktop

Use an Authenticator app to connect to your Aconex account.
  1. Double-click on the WinAuth.exe file you downloaded, and click Run in the window that displays.

  2. When WinAuth asks you to Click the “Add” button to create or import your authenticator, click the Add button.

Clicking the Add button
  1. Select Google from the dropdown list that appears.
Selecting Google from the list
  1. Replace "Google" with Aconex in the Name field. If you use more than one instance, add the name of the instance you're logging into now, too (e.g. Aconex (Europe)).
  2. Copy and paste the secret key from the Setup Wizard into the Secret Code field.

  3. Click the Verify Authenticator button.

Adding the account name and secret key
  1. The WinAuth app gives you a 6-digit code.

The app generates an authentication code
  1. Copy the code from WinAuth into the Aconex Setup Wizard and click Authenticate.

Entering the code into the Setup Wizard
  1. Back in WinAuth, click OK to save the secret key to your account.

  2. You'll see the Protection dialog. Click the blue Protect with my own password checkbox to uncheck it, then click OK.

  3. You'll see the account appear in the WinAuth list, ready to generate a code the next time you log in to Aconex.

The WinAuth code

Once your details are verified, you’ll see the final page of the wizard. Click Go to your account to complete the login process.

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