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Set up an authenticator on Blackberry

Follow these steps to configure your chosen authenticator

Note that this information is for guidance only. Please see also Blackberry’s own website for more details on using their products.

Downloading the Authenticator app to your BlackBerry 7

  1. For the authenticator to work, your device needs to be set to use US English.

  2. Go to Settings/Typing and language/Language.
    For: Display language choose US English.
    For: Physical keyboard choose US English.
    For: Voice dialling choose US English.
    For: Voice search choose US English.

  3. Tap the Back arrow.

  4. Tap Save.

  5. Open your phone’s web browser.

  6. Navigate to the address:

  7. Press Download.

  8. Tap Yes on the page that asks for Applications permissions.

  9. When installation is completed, tap Run and close these instructions.

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