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Setting up an Android authenticator

Some Aconex projects use an Authenticator app to provide an extra layer of security. These instructions explain how to download this app for Android.

Downloading the Authenticator app to your Android device

  1. Open the Google Play store on your Android device.
  2. Search for Google Authenticator.
  3. Download Google Authenticator to your device following their instructions. Note you may need to log into Google to do this.
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Setting the time on your device

Google Authenticator uses the time and other factors to authenticate your device. If your device’s time is different from the time on your service provider’s server, authentication won’t work. To change this:

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Find Date & Time.

  3. Check that it’s set to Automatic.

  4. Close this window and return to the Setup Wizard.

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