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Troubleshoot common issues with 2-Step Verification

Having trouble with Aconex 2-Step Verification (2SV)? Here are the answers.

Having trouble using 2 Step Verification? What’s the problem?

I need to log in to Aconex, but the system won’t let me log on without setting up 2 Step Verification

That’s because you’ve been added to projects that require 2 Step Verification, or because your organization needs you to use it.

I dont know my code and I'm not seeing the setup wizard. How can I start again?

I want to leave a project that requires 2 Step Verification

If you’re working on a project that requires 2 Step Verification, you can avoid this extra level of security by leaving the project. Contact the Project Administrator from the project owning organization, and have them remove you from the project.

To be reinstated to the project at a later date, you’ll need a new invitation to it.   Ask anyone already involved in the project to send you a project mail. They'll need to follow the instructions here: Invite an Aconex user onto a project.

I can’t download the Authenticator app

Some organizations prevent users downloading apps to their computers and mobile devices without permission.

If you can’t download the authenticator app, contact your organization’s IT department for help.

My verification code won’t work

Tried entering the generated authentication code a few times, but it still won’t work? The most common reasons are:

  1. The time you’ve set on your phone or tablet is different from that on the server. Authenticator apps use the time, as well as other factors, to authenticate you. If your device’s time is different from the time on your service provider’s server, authentication won’t work. Reset the time on your device:

    1. Apple iOS

    2. Android

    3. Windows Phone

    4. Windows desktop

  2. You’re entering the code for another website or Aconex instance. Authenticator apps can generate codes for a number of different accounts. You’ll need to make sure you use the Aconex-specific code each time you log into Aconex. Look for the word “Aconex” (or the other label used when you set up the Authenticator) alongside the code you enter.

  3. You may have entered the Aconex “secret key” incorrectly (this only applies if you’re logging in for the first time using the Aconex 2 Step Verification Wizard). For instructions on entering the Aconex “secret key” again, choose your operating system:

    1. Apple iOS

    2. Android

    3. Windows Phone

    4. Windows desktop

My mobile device was lost or stolen

  1. As soon as you realize your device is missing, contact your Organization Administrator and let them know.

  2. Your Organization Administrator will reset the authentication on your account.

  3. Log in to Aconex. You’ll be prompted to go through the authentication Setup Wizard again.

  4. Once you’ve gained access to your account, change your password.

Don’t know who your Organization Administrator is? Ask a logged-in colleague to find them in Aconex.

I’ve bought a new mobile device or computer

Contact your Organization Administrator and ask them to reset the authentication on your account. Then, log into Aconex. You’ll be prompted to go through the authentication process on your new devices.

Don’t know who your Organization Administrator is? Ask a logged-in colleague to find them in Aconex.

I want to set up the Authenticator on more than one device

If you want to set up more than one device to generate a verification code for you, you’ll need to use the same Aconex secret key on each device.

So it’s best to set up all the devices you want to use simultaneously when you go through the Setup Wizard the first time because, for security reasons, Aconex will not display the secret key more than once for each user.

Never write down the secret key. This key is critical to your secure use of Aconex and, like your password, should never be copied or shared.

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