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Add a project to favourites

Keep your important projects handy with the favorites feature

When you favorite a project, the favorite star will color either black or white, depending on the view you're in. If the star is solid, the project is a favorite.

In card view

Click the star in the top right corner of a project card. It will turn white to show it's been favorited.

favorites in card view

In List view

Click the star on the left of the project you'd like to favorite. It will turn black to show it's been favorited.

favorites in the list view

Viewing your favorites

Click the star tab at the top of the project list to see all your favorites listed together.

You can easily spot a favorite while scrolling your project list - it'll be a solid star instead of a star outline.

view your favorites

Choose the favorites tab once and we'll remember that's how you like it for next time.

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